Sometimes, as a band you just want to turn everything up and rock out. Most times, the resultant cacophony gives Charlie the perfect opportunity to slip out of the studio and grab a Dr. Pepper. Sometimes, it actually results in a song. Inspired partly by the thundering sound of the band and partly by the apocalyptic wasteland of the West Acton trading estate where we rehearse, this one is about the moment Mother Nature has given her final warning and it's time for End of Days. Enjoy....loud. 

Number of places recorded at: 4 (FX Rentals, Trail Studio, Charlie's bedroom, Alex's bedroom) 
Geeky Fact: Eireann's guitar parts we recorded on a Gibson 335 - B.B Kings guitar of choice 
Song most likely to be used by: Trailer for a Roland Emmerich movie


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Your Axiom - Album Launch

The Water Rats, Gray's Inn Road, London

Two half-hour sets of both new and previous repertoire, unplugged and fully loaded in this special one-off event.

Supporting acts - Dove & Bowevil